Expansion of Vehicle Digital Passport Scheme

SMH is expanding its digital passport scheme, which enables defleeted and refurbished vehicles to be remarketed by any operator, directly from one of the company’s five sites around the UK.


The move follows extensive trials, which showed a drastic cut in the amount of time it takes from end-of-life inspection to dealer forecourt.

Commenting on the development, Simon Withey, director at SMH Fleet Solutions said: “We understand time is of the essence in a dynamic market and a lengthy defleet and remarketing process can ramp up costs and miss key market opportunities. The experienced team at SMH developed the digital passport to enable a channel-agnostic approach to remarketing.”

The digital passport includes a complete set of internal and external images, along with a tech inspect appraisal. Each vehicle is refurbished to the appropriate standard and the passport generated on the same day.

Users of the digital passport can then load the vehicle immediately into their selected remarketing channel or dealer stock management system.

The investment in new technology at SMH Fleet Solutions follows the announcement of the development of a new £10 million operations centre in St Helens. The 20-acre development SMH Group site will service SMH Fleet Solutions and CD Auction Group, customers. It will provide workshop and refurbishment facilities, secure storage, vehicle inspection, a logistics management base as well as a state-of-the-art imaging studio to support the online auction operation.

Vehicles will be processed and imaged, sold online and then delivered out to the buyer from the new facility, saving on transport costs for clients.

Withey concluded: “The technology exists to transform the automotive supply chain and it requires a commonsense approach from suppliers to create the best solution for vendor and buyer.”